Im making a planet but I need a space background how do I do this?

I use this:

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Thanks Will. Also I was wondering how to apply a texture to a sphere

Do you have any un-zipped versions?

To apply a texture to a sphere, first of all, you need a texture. Drag and image (TGA, PNG, JPG, BMP, etc) into the Designer to upload it. When it’s uploaded and displayed (with a thumbnail) in the Assets panel, it’s ready to be used in your scene. Create a sphere and then click it twice to select its material. In the panel on the right, hit the create material button. Then set the uploaded texture on the diffuse map slot in the material editor (on the right).

And do I have any unzipped versions of what? Starfield sky boxes? Your system can unzip zip archives, right? :wink:

no it can not unzip files

What’s your operating system? I thought every OS could do this. And if not, just download and install a ZIP application.

im window xp I used a file extrater but cant set up star field

How to apply a cube map?

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