SceneManager limitations

these are only my presumptions, please correct me where I’m wrong :slight_smile:

when I load a additional scene to the hirarchy tree it seems to be an odenary tree branch but acts a little different:

  • this.entity.root… acsesses the actual scene, where as
  •… calls all scenes
    are there really any differences? and if, is it enough to call destroy() to get rid of it?

is there a limit for additional scenes? It looks like after adding 4 or 6 scenes (in total)
no more scenes are loaded (what absolutly makes sence, why would somebody play so many levels at the same time?)

found pc.SceneRegistry.remove() for deleting a scene

and there’s maybe no limit to the scenes to handle but some missorder when sceneManager tries to load Scenes at the same time :slight_smile:

sorry for disturbing You

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AFAIK, there is no limit to the number of scenes that can be loaded at once beyond typical performance issues (number of graph nodes in a scene etc). The hard restriction is that you can’t have two instances of the same scene loaded at the same time. If you need something like that, I recommend using Templates instead.

From what I can see, entity.root is the same as app.root.

Bear in mind that app.root is NOT the top most Entity you see in the Editor named Root. Root in the scene is a child of app.root.

SceneRegistry.remove removes it from the registry so you won’t be able to find it via SceneRegistry.find. To remove a ‘scene’ from the hierarchy, you should destroy the top most node of that scene.