Scene was scaled out of sudden

Hello guys, im not sure if the editor did it on its own or i messed something up which is more chance. I have 30 scenes in my game and only one , the first is scaled and really small i cant interact any object in scene, i cant even move close with camera because it is moving really fast, the scene is just too small.

There is no chance even see something on map because of the sprite entities. Can anybody help? I could not figure it out for about a month now, and i need to move / add objects on map and so on, also when i select object with collision scale(1, 1, 1), it is this big:

  • When i start play the level everything is ok, i dont see difference, only editor is struggling

It looks like the parent object (maybe the Root) is scaled at guess without being able to see the project.

If that physics object is 1, 1, 1 then whatever it s parented to (up the chain) is scaled non uniformly.

There is actually nothing above root, its parent of all objects and as you can see the scale of root havent been changed, its default

Try selecting an object from the tree and press ‘F’ to focus the active camera on the object.

I tried it and this is the result

everything is so big but so small i dont get it, in game is not affected at all…
Maybe i once made children somethign else than root is and deleted after, but i cant change root scale

It is hard to say what is going on from the screenshots. There is no need to scale the root, unless you changed it. You should go through your scene tree and check that entities have correct scaling. Especially the ones that hold the level.

Would you be able to give one of us access to the project or create a public project with the same issues and we can take a gander

The Player object looks as expected looking at the values in the inspector.

@yaustar, I was added to the project and I can say it is a weird issue. I’ve disabled everything, except one model, which looks super tiny if focused. If the model is added to a new project, the size is normal. I’ve also noticed warnings in the console by the editor, not sure if they are related. Perhaps you could have a look too when you have time.

The issue was with the root entity having a disabled 2D Screen component on it. Removing the component fixed the scaling.


Oh thank you so much, it was enabled today i was lookin on it and though it can case the issue so i disabled it, nothing happend lol. Was so close to fix haha.

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