Scene param is not optional when downloading app via rest api?

based on doc:
curl -H “Authorization: Bearer fdslkjlk32j2l3kj2lkj2lkj323rr” -H “Content-Type: application/json” -X POST -d ‘{“project_id”: 9999999, “name”: “My App”}’
this could download the app.

but when I tried it, with correct auth info and project_id, it returns 400 and “{“error”: “scenes: missing value”}%”.

what should I do? get scene id list is boring…

It’s not optional. The docs do need to be updated. I think it used to take the main scene as default if you don’t have a scene listed.

so I need to add all the scene id in the parameters manually? why don’t it automatically package all scene?

Because someone may not want all the scenes in the build.

That said, it be nice to have that option to include all without manually adding them.

yep, thanks :slight_smile:

do I need to go to the editor and get the scene id one by one?
is there anyway to list all scene id?