Scene change result in model resize

I am working on my game and decided to add a main menu and so on for the next update, but on selecting the flat world I get this issue.

(first generated tile, when the player is no longer in the render distance, then re-renders the chunk everything is to the right scale)

It just looks bad for the game, and any solution would be much appreciated. the launch is here: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine and here is the editor.

I can repeat the problem, but you’re assuming a lot when posting this question. An arrow indicating this is not scaled correctly would have been helpful


The problem doesn’t always happen due to random start position. Sometimes the trees look okay until you turn around.

Which JS file is responsible for rendering a tile? Its possibly timing related or an uninitialized variable or both.

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That’s the terrain.js , It generates worlds based on entity prefabs and a json file dictating the max amount & their names for the script to find. The loading of the tiles might be the issue, but I can’t preload it when it switches between scenes, the code is here if you would like to take a look.

I also assumed it would be easy to tell, since it takes up 90% of the screen.