Scaled Cubemap Environments

Hi all, I’m fiddling with an idea but have reached a rut. I’m dealing with a customer who wants really detailed environments for a product configurator but I’m amiss how to really deliver what they are after for the enviroment.

Then the idea came to me while playing resident evil remastered that maybe i could bake the environment into a cubemap, so I’ve been playing around with that - I know how to bake Equirectangular maps in Blender so I’ve been trying that way.

Attempt 1: Cubemaps in rendering panel - Asset Loader and HDR - PLAYCANVAS
Attempt 2: Cubemap on 3D cube - Asset Loader and HDR 2 - PLAYCANVAS

Attempt 2 is much closer to what im trying to achieve, its just that the mapping is funky.

Anyone got any experience in this? or is it a dead end you think?


Hi @Arnie,

I’ve used that approach in the past on a certain project. Just make sure you set the UV address mode of your cube textures to clamp, instead of repeat, to have that line on the borders removed (if that’s the cause).

So at the end I think you will be using a combo of both attempts:

  1. Use a regular cubemap in your project rendering panel to enable IBL for your scene, if it’s required.

  2. Use cubemap faces on the six faces of a 3D cube to boost texture resolution.

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