Saving User Data

Hi all,

I am developing a game where I would like there to be a way of loading data from the last time a user logged on to the game. How can this be done in PlayCanvas?

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If you only want store data on the local computer/device, you can use local storage:

If you want something where they can login anywhere, you will have to have a separate server or service that stores that data, accounts etc. Eg

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The idea was to store data on the local device, the link is really useful. Thanks.

I was also thinking of converting the game to native using for mobile. Will the same thing work once the game is converted to native?

You would have to check with the documentation of It may be different on how it stores data.

I will look into that. Meanwhile, in case it does not work, please let me know how to add user accounts using PlayFab.

Wait, what doesn’t work?

In case does not support saving data using html 5

Thank you for the help