Sampler count exceeds MAX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS?

Hello, developers:

what happens when the standard material has all maps ( > 8, and maybe a float-texture for skinning ), but my old phone only supports 8 MAX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS? thanks very much :slight_smile:

Skin texture is in the vertex shader, so AFAIK shouldn’t affect the sampler count in fragment shader…
As for material textures, yes it will likely just fail to compile the shader if more than 8 used. Skybox reflection/ambient should take 1 sampler on mobile, so you have 7 maps left. In practice it’s rare to have so many maps used on a single material.

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thanks Mr_F :grinning:
Many iphones just support 8 samplers in the fragment-shader, however I find almost all the android phones(include the cheap ones) support 16 samplers…:scream: