Safari Positional Sound Problem

In the linked project there is a sound component set to positional. The camera has an audio listener component. On Mac Chrome the sound is played ok, but on Safari the sound is distorted and deafening. Any ideas?

Mac Safari 13.1.2
Mac Chrome 88.0.4324.150

Im not sure have you tried to shut your device?

Just tried it on my Mac Safari Version 14.0.2 (16610. and it plays at the same volume.

Edit: Actually, it doesn’t a bit off

This is what I get playing between Chrome and Safari. Safari does sound different but not by much and it isn’t any louder for me?

This is what I’m getting, from the published page if that might make any difference.

Do you get the same issue when they are not positional?

No there is a difference.

With “Audio Listener enabled / Positional Sound disabled” Safari is same volume as Chrome.

With “Audio Listener disabled / Positional Sound enabled” Safari is quite a bit louder than Chrome but not as bad as when Audio Listener enabled.

That’s really weird :thinking: Can you post a bug report on the engine github repro please

Hopefully it be something that someone on the team can reproduce

Yes OK, will do tomorrow. I’ll also do some more investigations.

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I noticed that the Sound component properties for the failing case are refDistance=1, maxDistance=10, distanceModel=Linear, rolloffFactor=100.

However, when I change the values to refDistance=1, maxDistance=10000, distanceModel=Linear, rolloffFactor=1, then the sound is no longer loud distorted but normal volume.

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