Rust Tooltip Website

Rust. a very technical game, very fun, but very many useful features that need to be showcased, Rust Tooltip, will be the all-in-one Rust information website. planned information includes

-Full recycling information for every recyclerable
-Effective base designs and concepts
-All weapon stats and info
-Monument Info, with loot tables
-Scientist Index
-Rust Updates and Works in progress
-Popular rust feedback topics
-Newest Metas and Popular Tactics
-Links to the best rust youtubers
-Modded Server Showcase
-And More

this website will eventually be its own full website, and not just on playcanvas.
enjoy- PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

First Beta isn’t done yet btw so you can’t play it

Day 2 Of developement, i got a scrollbar working and some redirect buttons

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