Running tweakable build on device without interactive login

Hi! I’m running a PlayCanvas game on a device where I can’t do the interactive login steps for the PC website. I can only send this device a HTTPS URL, and set headers for the request. Is there a way I could include auth info such that I could run the URL and tweak the game directly on device? That would save me SO much time :slight_smile: Thanks!

I’m afraid not, no

The closest you can get is to download a build without the code minified and host that locally.

That will give you some flexibility in changing code on the fly.

It’s very similar to this request here: Allow iframing the launch tab on localhost · Issue #668 · playcanvas/editor · GitHub

Very difficult to do and still be secure unfortunately.

It is tricky. If I can request a feature, it would be to generate a revokable auth key in the editor, which you can revoke on demand. Then have accept that as an Authorization header in HTTPS calls only. This would let me auth it, and then periodically revoke the key if necessary, without adding churn to the account management.

How would you add that as an Auth Header for the launch tab? I was thinking something along these lines wit the REST API tokens but couldn’t see how it would work in a project.

Ah, for my use case on an embedded device, I can specify the page to load URL along with any additional headers to include in the page load request. Might be highly specific, but it would work for me.

I’ve added the suggestion to the ticket as I think there’s some potential there How to add Request Headers to an IFrame src request - Carsten Behrens Blog

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