Running in Unity webview

I’m working on a project that requires loading a playcanvas game inside of a Unity webview. For some reason I only get a blank screen with the playcanvas buttons at the bottom after the loading screen. It does however successfully load the game if I build the unity project to device (iphone 7). Any ideas on why it wouldn’t load in editor but loads on device?

This sounds like WebGL not being available on that context.

Can you try loading the webgl report site in both contexts and check for WebGL availability?

Both reports look the same, they both support openGL 1.0 but not 2.0.
Unfortunately the webview plugin I’m using doesn’t seem to support logging so it’s hard to debug. I might try using a different plugin to see what the results are.

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You could try running it without the PlayCanvas iframe.

See this post Playcanvas iframe inside an iframe, why?