Run PlayCanvas Editor localhost

Is there a way run PlayCanvas Editor localhost , how do it . thanks all.

You can run your application using a local server for the application’s scripts if you want. You cannot run the actual editor with a local server. If you want to run your application with a local server, then start a local server at the location of your scripts and then click on Launch Local from the menu.

The application will try to find scripts at http://localhost:51000 by default but you can change that from the application’s settings. Just go to the settings and set a different URL for the Local Server.

Thanks vaios

I use node.js start http-server

I already at github download PlayCanvas engin and, but not found any file to Run PlayCanvas Editor

can PlayCanvas Editor runing localhost?

I can run PlayCanvas Editor online ,but very slow, SO, I want run it use node.js http-server localhost.
plz tell me the Correct method。

three.js editor very easy to use localhost

I think playcanvas like three.js editor ?

playcanvas editor can not open now!
Hope offline editor

Hi @Hua_Ru

There is no way to run editor offline because it has many dependencies on cloud services. It is clouded app, not stand-alone.
This been discussed many times around the forum in details.