Rotational Friction

Is there any way to model rotational friction? My game has a rotating ball, and normal friction doesn’t seem to effect it that much. I have been checking different sources and I don’t know how to implement the physics of it. I will keep trying to find a solution, but I thought I would see if anyone else knew first. Thanks.

When you say rotational friction, do you mean a ball rolling across a surface or a ball spinning in the air and coming to an eventual stop?

A ball rolling along a surface. I’m thinking I can use linear dampening to slow the ball down to decelerate it, while it is in contact with a surface. As of now it takes just as long to stop the ball as it did to accelerate it. I want it to come to a stop faster.

I had a look at this. While in Ammo.js (the physics library that PlayCanvas uses) does have rollingFriction attribute, it is already set at the maximum by default from the looks of things.