Rotation issue from Unreal to PlayCanvas

Hello Guys,
First of all sorry i am asking help again on same topic but believe me it is really important to me do this task have been stuck since many weeks.

what i want to do:
I am creating a replay scene basically it is cricket VR game I want to create a replay web platform for user to watch and share their cricket experience to others. I choose playcanvas because i love it.

how i do that:
i have created a rest api server which fetch the unreal engine coordinates. the data which is json format for “Helmet”, “Bat”, “ball” entities with their “rotation” and “location” with the help of entities value, we will lerp means animate. next the data will be fetch in playcanvas.

status of project:
the project look amazing i am getting the values the x, y and z axis converting it then animating it. its complete 80%.

So what the issue Men?
the issue is with “rotation” only and the main rotation problem is with “cricket bet”. you will better get when you watch the video i have played the 3 shots you can compare the result.

here is video

here it is the project link:

here the launch link:

Hi @rehman97!

Maybe the topics below are related and can help you.


thanks @Albertos yeh i have also visited that links even ask them as personal. but still issue is same.

i think the issue will be solved with quaternion but i dont no about it trying to study if you find something it would be my pleasure.