Rotate sphere
I figured out how to rotate a sphere (“angle”) but when rotating horizontally, it doesn’t work (“tilt”) what did I do wrong?

Hi @MoonAlien822! :wave:

In the video tutorial below you can see how to rotate an entity.

I’ve already seen that video and I know how to do it, but the problem is that when I turn in two different directions more than once, the earth doest spin parallel to the player any more.

Ah, I see you mean rotating by script. Can you try to use rotate instead of rotateLocal?

still the same

As far I can see, it works as expected. It rotates horizontal and vertical, so can you try to explain a little better what the problem exactly is?

I used this way to make it look like the player was the one moving, not the earth, but that illusion stops working after a few turns

I solved the problem… turns out I reversed the s and w keys :man_facepalming: