Rotate Child entities on parent entity axis

I’m looking for a way to make the sphere children of the pearl ring entity in this scene rotate around the pearl rings axis instead of their own.
The idea is to simulate the ring interacting with the pointer. The mesh collider will not directly interact with the pointer, which is where the spheres come in, as sphere, box, cylinder, etc. colliders will interact properly with the pointer. The physical model of the sphere is for debugging purposes, to see if they are actually rotating, in the end the spheres won’t be visible.

A great question and one that I was hoping I could find an answer for, too. Seems like the lack of documentation/support for PlayCanvas is going to make it hard to push on from here for me. A shame because it truly is an excellent platform.

Is this still involving physics or just the entities themselves? If it is just the entities without physics then you can just simply rotate the parent.

If you have an example of what you are looking to achieve, that would great.

If this is what you’re going for @Joel, I found a way to make it work.
Put something like this in your update function:

this.secsPast += dt;
this.secsPast = Math.min(this.secsPast, this.spinDur);
var t = easeInOUtSine(this.secsPast/this.spinDur);
var a = pc.math.lerp(this.startAngle, this.targetAngle, t);

and then make sure the entity this script is attached to has no collision or rigid body on it. Then, add the child entities you want attached to where you want them on the parent entity and give those children kinematic rigid bodies with whatever collision shape fits best (try to avoid mesh colliders though, these tend to mess up if not static).