Roller Coaster demos?

Are there any good demos of how to get a roller coaster working in playcanvas?

Not anything specifically roller coaster related, but the Swoop demo has a somewhat similar physics mechanic.

Thanks @Zeppelin7,

I guess physics isn’t so much the problem, as is:

  • How to keep a coaster attached to the rails (I’m looking for models that work, so this might be as simple as finding a cart that fits in the rails, and adding collision/friction/rigid body etc so it won’t slide out…or not)
  • How to keep momentum until the end (maybe as the coaster approaches the end, friction values could change to force it to stop)

Those are my biggest questions.

Just thought of a possible solution.

Considering the roller coaster should have the same motion every time, what if I just make a path for the coaster/camera to follow.

Looking at Camera Following a Path for reference.

Edit: Been doing a bit more research on how roller coasters work… and this is a task. Roller coasters carts have complex hydraulics and articulating wheels systems that let them swoosh along the rails.

For my immediate goal, I think camera following a path might work.

I would do the same and not use physics at all and have the coaster follow the path. Using the direction of the path, I would adjust acceleration/deceleration of the coaster based on the pitch/gradient and simulate gravity.