Right camera for isometric game

What are disadvanatges and advantages of using perspective and ortographic camera in isometric game? Usually I hear that orthographic camera is recommended but I just created a demo scene and to me it looks valid with both kind of cameras. Is this a matter of preference? Or maybe there are some future difficulties or challenges associated with a particular choice?

Orthographic camera has no perspective, so if your game requires lack of “distance feeling”, then Orthographic camera is the way to go.
If you do require distance feel, where far objects look smaller or at least you want to control this factor by changing field of view and moving camera back and forth, then use Perspective camera.

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So basically there are no differences in the way the game is made? If I decide sometime along the way that I want to use a different camera I can easily do it without a need to refactor some assets etc?

If the look of assets and your game is OK with both projections, then nothing needs to be changed.
Within engine, camera projection and game assets have nothing in common.
Camera projection - is the matrix that is used during rendering, when vertices and pixels are translated from 3 dimensions into screen.

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