Rig with animation glitching when imported into PlayCancas?

Hello, I am currently a 3D game developing student, for our last semester project my team are tasked with creating a 3D simulation for training sheriffs, as of now i’m having one big issue where whenever I import in an animation the rig will glitch out, when the rig is freshly imported in it looks fine and in place but when the animation is imported and previewed it turns to mess. The 3D model is a modded metahuman, I removed the facial rig to make things simplier and the animation is retargeted from mixamo animation in Blender using Rokoko plugin. I would really appreciate any help possible as i’ve been trying to deal with this for a couple days now! I imported the FBX to Blender, Maya, Unreal Engine and they all worked fine so to me it seems like a PlayCanvas setting problem. Thank you in advance!

Here’s the screenshots of the righ with a walking animation:

Here’s the project:

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You could try to export it as GLB file from Blender, mesh and the animation, and see if that makes a difference.


Thank you! I’ll try that and see if it makes a difference

Hmm unfortunately when I imported it in the animation preview just doesn’t show up at all and the file size is very big(120mb). I may have to find a totally different alternative to 3D character animation instead.