Restoring a project from a back up to a new project to avoid overwriting an existing project

When you restore a project from a Zip file,
if there was an existing project you didn’t want to affect,
but the backup is much older and you need to get something from it,
will that overwrite the existing project?

I’d rather restore to a different project name,
never done a restore before, so wanted to ask first

I don’t know, but probably there is a config file in your archive where you can change project’s name to _backup for example.

Try, if you haven’t.

I’ll take a look, would be a major hit to production here if I mess this up :slight_smile:

There is currently no ‘restore’ mechanism per se - There is an ‘import project’ mechanism which will basically import your zip into a completely new project.

Perfect. thank you! That’s what i want to happen

I imported the project, I can’t open it now it’s imported, I am guessing it’s that split account thing that hits us once in a while, any suggestions?

I figured it out, had to add myself as an admin