REST API: Trigger or Timestamp on Branches

Hi there,

we currently want to automate the process of pushing a playcanvas build to our custom hosting solution, however it’s quite fiddly to check if anything has changed in a certain branch.

Best would be to have some kind of trigger we could hook into to start an update when a branch gets updated.
But I figured that’s probably not as straight forward, so the second best thing would be to have a time stamp like “latestCheckpointDate”:[date] on the branches returned by the List Branches API call.

Currently you would need to iterate through all scenes of a branch to see when a scene has been modified and compare the dates to those of the last deploy.

Or maybe there is another way of doing this my brain refused to see? Like an API call that’s not in the docs?

Request made to expose the end points: Expose Version Control REST API endpoints to allow for CI automation · Issue #498 · playcanvas/editor · GitHub

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