[RESOLVED] Issues with accessing the Developer Documentation site - Tue 24 Jan 2023

When accessing the development site developer.playcanvas.com, you may have trouble loading the page.

There seems to be some issues with AWS hosting and we will continue to investigate.


When testing my games I get logs like these a lot. I need to refresh the launcher 3-5 times before the game manages to start. Is this related, or should the editor not be affected?

We are looking to deploy a hotfix to bypass Cloudfront for the Editor while we are contacting AWS regarding these issues.

Those files are currently served by Cloudfront (same with developer.playcanvas.com) but we’ve not made any changes for a few days.

Just testing the hotfix now on our staging server

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We have deployed the hotfix that works around our urgent issues of accessing the engine code file

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developer.playcanvas.com is fixed