[RESOLVED] Can't switch branch in PC Editor

I can’t switch branches from my merged/closed branch. The editor is trying to let me change with a button, but the button doesn’t work.

@John_Pieroni I can get here.


What button did you press when you closed the branch? Was it hard reset? If it was then your project may be gone.


That is definitely not my branch. I’m working on a team and the branch i was working on was merged to the master branch and I seem to be in some sort of stranded state where i can’t switch to the master branch now.

@John_Pieroni OK I was just going off of the screen shot. Maybe my mistake and someone else can offer more information.


The picture of the branch I attached above was just an example from one of my projects. The link in the same message is for the project in your picture.

Hi @John_Pieroni ,

Is this still an issue? Have you managed to return to the main branch?

Our backend encountered a few issues yesterday, but these were primarily around the developer site and should now be resolved.


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Sorry about this @John_Pieroni, we have found the issue. Fix should hopefully be out within the next hour.


This has now been resolved!

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Thank you!