[REQUEST] .ogg loop tags

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I recently finished a game in PlayCanvas for a game jam and I loved how the engine works with sound and music. The programmer and I (musician) found it generally intuitive, but I found a lack of an option a little bit limiting: ogg loop tags/markers.
Ogg Vorbis is a lossy audio format that gives an option to put loop tags into the meta of the file which, if recognized by the audio player, can loop the song at any given point and repeat it indefinitely. This is mainly used so the song is able to have an intro that DOESN’T repeat once the song loops. Very important, composition-wise. :slight_smile:

Even though RPG Maker has this option, but Unity doesn’t (users will have to settle with a paid 3rd party plugin like IntroLoop), I do understand if this option would not be easy to program into PlayCanvas - but it doesn’t hurt to ask. :slight_smile:

EDIT: The way that the loop tags work are audio sample-based. You add the LOOPSTART and LOOPLENGTH tags into the meta and the corresponding audio sample numbers.

Hi @maldivir.dragonwitch,

That sounds quite interesting and useful to have. My only concern would be that OGG playback is supported by certain browsers only (I’d very much like for Apple to pick that up).

Your feature request sounds valid though, would you care adding an issue about it in the engine repo? You can link this forum post as well:

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Hi, @Leonidas , thanks for the reply!

Sure, I’ll post the request in the engine repo!

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