[request] Free Fly Camera in Editor

Hey! If free-fly camera is planned?
In editor most of camera actions are performed by left mouse with, with some Alt. And rotation/movement is relative to pivot point.

What if user can switch to FP mode (e.g. hit TAB) that will enable WASD/Arrows movement. As well using right mouse button by holding on view will rotate it like in flying mode.
Additionally should be an option to enter flying mode for pointer lock.

Right now left mouse is responsible for manipulating items, and view as well.
What if left mouse will be used for world manipulation, but right mouse for view manipulation for consistency?

This type of controls is more suitable for big game worlds and does not focuses on one point, as well will allow user to choose.

it follows the same convention as most 3d programs I have ever used, it would be a cool feature though so that you could kinda test out what it would be like to move along the stage like a character without running the whole thing which takes time if you have lots of resources loaded it seems.

Don’t know why none of the admins have replied to this yet, they are usually on top of stuff like this!

Unreal Engine, CryEngine and Unity has ability for free-fly.
I’ve spoke with developers - it is for sure will come at some point.

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