[REQUEST] FPS limiter out-of-box in editor?

Hi guys!

As you probably now, most of the hi-end mobile devices have high frame rate displays (like 90fps, 120fps and so on). This if great for OS/UX, but causes massive performance overhead (and overheat as well :smiley: ) for playcanvas projects, especially ones with “heavy” geometry and/or a lot of physics calculations.

It would be great to have some in-editor FPS cap (possibly under Settings->Rendering tab), that would limit the project fps to some desired value (e.g. to 60 fps). I believe this is easy-to-implement feature, that just changes the requestAnimationFrame timer interval.

Can we expect something like this in the nearest future? Thanks!


It’s something we have talked about as it has helped with power/battery consumption.

There is a way to do this currently with a script for the renderer at least: [SOLVED] Any way to cap game at 30fps? - #2 by will


Thank you @yaustar! Yes, I’ve seen that script and it should work well.
The idea was to have something more handy and user-friendly (like a switch in the editor), but anyway - it’s up to you guys :slight_smile:

+1 for a user friendly setting. Added to repo: