Request for Comments: Physics Joint Component

I have just submitted a PR for a physics joint component on GitHub. It allows you to build some pretty cool physical structures.


It would be awesome if the community could provide some comments/feedback on my implementation:

Looking forward to getting this merged and deployed!


Is this like the ragdoll project, or is it something else?

This is very similar. The ragdoll project has a script that implements various types of constraint. This PR for the engine introduces an official, built-in constraint (joint). In principle, you should be able to configure this joint component to act like a hinge constraint or a cone-twist constraint - the two constraint types you need in order to construct a rag doll. :smile:

I don’t know what PR stands for. Maybe I can use it for my characters and activate it when the character dies.

PR means Pull Request. A pull request is essentially a contribution to a project on GitHub.

And yes, you should be able to use this component to implement a switch from keyframed animation to rag doll simulation.

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I posted a little update on Twitter! Amazing how VR is the perfect medium for prototyping physics-based code: