Replace main with branch (utterly)

I’ve made a ton of changes on a branch and created a checkpoint. I now want that checkpoint to be the tip of main (so I don’t have to tell everyone else which branch they should be using). How would I do that?
I can only find ‘merge’ which will be a painful process of picking out a ton of non-conflicting but unwanted stuff from main.

(I did check all the doc pages starting here but couldn’t find this use-case).

Alternatively - doing it the ‘git’ way would work too… can I rename main, then change my branch to be the new ‘main’?

Hey, if you mean you want your checkpoint changes to be in the main branch then you can follow the simple steps:

  • Restore that checkpoint
  • Merge it to main branch
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We solved this by starting a new project - the original was more of a test-bed anyhow.