Renegade Lab Studios is open for new contract work

Hello everyone,

We at Renegade Lab Studios are a game and app development studio who have been using PlayCanvas for over two and a half years now. Since establishment, we have worked on various client projects involving PlayCanvas, involving both game and web app development, as well as working on several independent projects. Our developer team is experienced not only in Playcanvas, but other essential web development technologies, such as HTML-CSS-JS for frontend, and Django for backend, as well as common frameworks such as Bootstrap, Jquery, Tailwind, and Materialize, all of which integrate seamlessly with PlayCanvas. We are also adept at the latest in-demand technologies, such as AI, ML, AR, and Computer Vision.

We are happy to say that our organization is currently open to receive new contract work, both long and short term. Please view out website at for more information about our services. If you would like to work with us on a project, please contact us here, or at

Anubhav Bhattacharya, CEO and lead developer, Renegade Lab Studios.