RenderTarget bug on iOS 15.4.1

I created a renderTarget to render texture from camera pointing to a 3D Screen and assigned the texture to an Image on 2D Screen of UI Layer.

On 3D Screen , it is a Image Element with Material , and the material contain Opacity Map, Emissive Map and Diffuse Color, On UI, there have different buttons to change the opacity map texture, emissive map texture and diffuse color

It works fine on desktop and android google chrome, as well as my iPad w/ iOS 15.3.1 , but on iPhone 15.4.1 , no matter on Safari or Google Chrome , it was only work for once of any texture changes. after that the render target will no longer clear the depth and keep overlapping.

It pretty urgent cause the project is gonna launch on 20 Apr and i have no idea how to fix this , any suggestion ?


Hi @Calvin2274,

It may be related to the following iOS bug, can you try the proposed fix? Turning off antialias on your project settings?

What version of the engine are you using? 1.52.6 should have a workaround of the bug thay Leonidas linked to Release v1.52.6 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

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Do you also render every frame to the render target as well? If not, you can destroy and recreate the render target each time you need it for a temp fix.

If you can replicate the issue in a new project for people to look at, that will help as well

Here is the new project for reference

Finally i changed the Opacity Blend Type from None to Alpha , it seems fixed the issue

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