Renders swapping material when material is changed

Sometimes when I change the material on a render it swaps to another render. But sometimes if I hover over the material in the inspector then apply it in the viewer it works normal. Then it just worked normally from then on but im unsure of whats causing it. I hate trying to color a render but then it colors a completely different render and I either have to go find it or I just dont know. I will have to do some experimenting with this glitch. Just watch the video you will understand.

Strange Playcanvas thing - YouTube


Actually that happened to me recently, at start I thought it was my error but eventually it happened once more. One common thing I can observe with your video is that I also had assets filtered using the search field. It may be some listing bug there.

Care to submit an issue about this in the editor repo? Issues · playcanvas/editor · GitHub

I’ve created a repro of it here: Changing materials on Entities that share materials, changes the wrong Entity · Issue #1002 · playcanvas/editor · GitHub

This has now been fixed in ArrayInput linking fix by ellthompson · Pull Request #308 · playcanvas/pcui · GitHub and will be in a future release of the Editor over the next few weeks