Rendering Textures


I am rendering some Lightmaps to use on a scenario. Its resolutions are 2048x2048. These renders have been taking about 12h-17h to finish.

I am new here in playcanvas and have some doubts. Please, if someone could help me, I would like to know some informations:

How much time your lightmap renders take to get finish? I need to know if am setting something wrong in my 3dmax, or not. Today I work with Mental Ray. I am going to learn Vray next semester to improve my images.

Have you ever rendered textures and lightmaps with a renderfarm? Is it worth? Do you have some renderfarm to indicate me?


This question does not relate to PlayCanvas as rendering is done by 3D’s Max and VRay. You want to google some tips of how to speedup lightmaps rendering.

We have User Manual page to help on general info about lightmaps rendering, but again - this is not PlayCanvas related, but 3D’s Max related and there are plenty info online about it.