Rendering Issue with Samsung Exynos CPU on Android 12

Hello everyone!

After recieveing bugreports we’ve discovered that some of our games are not rendering at all on Samsung devices that are using a variant of the Exynos CPU.
We specifically tested on the Samsung Galaxy S10e and S10+ running Android 12. The problem could not be reproduced on the S10+ with Android 11.
This issue might be related to:

It can be reproduced when opening the sample project I referenced in the linked issue. When we ran the games with WebGL 1 we did not encounter the bug.

Link to the corresponding GitHub issue with an attached error log.

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Update: @mvaligursky found out that enforcing this.useCpu inside the particleSystem emitter code fixes the problem.

Through this we discovered that setting the particle sort mode to something else than “PARTICLESORT_NONE” should result in the same thing, hence providing a quick fix for anyone experiencing this problem.


Another update: We tested the release candidate of engine version 1.53.0 and can confirm that the added workaround fixes this problem as well.

Big thanks to @yaustar and the PlayCanvas team :heart: