Rendering bug on Iphone XR and XS


We’ve just noticed a bug with rendering rough materials on the iPhone XR/XS where objects shaded with a material with 0 glossiness and metalness disabled still reflected the cubemap. This is making our hero models look rather unappealing on these devices.
I’ve attached a screenshot of a basic test scene where you can see a comparison between the rendered image on a PC and an iPhone XS.

We’ve tested on a lot of various devices and have been pleased with the vast majority it just seems to be these two phones that we’ve noticed this on.



Have you pre-filtered your cube map?

Or maybe this explains what is happening?


Short term fix might be to use a spherical map on materials rather than a cube map?


Thanks so much wturber, you were right its the same issue as discussed in the github thread you linked. I managed to fix it with the code:

 if ( === 'Apple A12 GPU' || === 'Apple A12X GPU') {
   = false;

Hopefully Apple fix the issue soon.


Cool. Glad if that helped.

So, does that result in the cube map getting rendered correctly, or does the cube map not get rendered at all?


Hi @moka what is the status on that?
We tried to use the method from @DouglasAllenDev however it fails.

I believe we are encountering the error described here:

There are still problems with this solution, such as when there is a skybox in the scene, and the system will make a serious error when there is a texture in the diffuse

Have you found a stable fix yet?
Thanks a lot