Rendering artifacting when using Bloom Post Effect and Camera disablePostEffectsLayer

Looking at using disablePostEffectsLayer to selectively choose objects which objects ‘glow’ by moving them between render layers


But when moving the camera, there is some weird artifacting, any ideas here?

Layers are:

And I use a script to set the StopPostEffects layer as the camera’s disablePostEffectsLayer on initialise

CC @Guohao6666 as you’ve been asking about something similar

You don’t have a depth buffer after the postprocessing runs … and so you cannot really render 3d meshes after it.

Oooh, I see :thinking: Will have to think on this some more than

Typically, in the simple cases, you’d use the alpha buffer of the render target to mark what you want bloomed. So normal meshes would write 0, others would write some kind of intensity (or 1). And then the bloom post effect would use it as a multiplier.

The other option is this, but it’s not fully finished to be easily accessible to the users: PlayCanvas Examples

Where HDR rendering is used as a the source for the bloom. And so meshes with higher intensity of emissive color bloom, the others not much / at all. Play with the emissive slider which is linked to emissive color of those cyan meshes.

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I am very grateful for your answer!
Although there is no post production effect for a specific layer, I have also encountered the same problem as in your video. Have you resolved it

@Guohao6666 TLDR, this method won’t work and will have to consider Martin’s approach of a mask layer/information channel

Didn’t the official provide such a solution? In fact, this requirement is very common in normal development. We only want to add effects to a single entity rather than a global one

There’s no official glow feature in PlayCanvas, no

I’m sorry for the mistake in my answer. I hope the official can help us solve this problem