Removing skybox layer on camera makes reflections disappear on objects?

Steps to reproduce in the editor:

  • Create cubemap, prefilter it and assign to scene skybox
  • Create test object with shiny material
  • Remove skybox layer from camera
  • Launch

Removing skybox layer is import for experiences with transparent canvas like AR, etc

Hi @underlight,

There is a feature request about this behavior in the engine repo, together with a current workaround:

CC @slimbuck

This should have been fixed in Fix cubeMapRotation uniform by slimbuck · Pull Request #4748 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub, which will be available in the next minor engine release.

To test this fixes your issue, please try running your app with:


Thank you for quick response guys!

@yaustar @slimbuck yep, using latest engine fixes the issue. How do I enforce this engine version for playcanvas hosted builds though? :slight_smile:

At the moment, you can’t use the latest engine build (it’s also considered to be unstable as it’s not been tested).

We are thinking about doing a release for 1.58.0 as preview in the near future.

If you need this now for hosted builds, you/we could build a custom 1.57 version of the engine with just this fix and have it directly in the project. The downside is that it will add another 400KB of download and code to the build.

When you self hosting, you can just do a swap out of the engine file after downloading the build.

Thanks @yaustar
No need for custom engine build for now, I’m currently doing a dirty workaround in code (having skybox layer enabled by default and then removing it from camera 500ms after initialize still solves my issue). Can we expect 1.58 somewhat next week? :drooling_face:

@slimbuck @mvaligursky will know more of the schedule for the engine release plan

Yep we’ll try to a minor release this week or early next week (depending on how testing goes) :+1:

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