Remove background

Hi, I currently working on Facebook game , but i can’t remove this bg that i showed in this picture

also the project setting attached

How can I remove it ? :thinking:

Hi @mrb71! I think that’s the clear color of the camera component.

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Hi @Albertos i change it so but it doesn’t work too
I want to bg color (1) be same as color 2

That is the HTML body style color.

You will either have to change the CSS after exporting the build or change the styling via JS (this would still have a few frames at the start of the original color)

Also I see that you have fixed the resolution. If you do this, you are forcing ALL devices to render at the resolution regardless of the native resolution. It is not recommended to do this as you can be under/over the native resolution of the user’s display.

If the game is also targeted at mobile devices, having Keep Aspect Ratio will also mean it won’t fill the screen on the device unless it exactly matches the aspect ratio of the screen.

In the case of making it vertical on desktop and full screen on mobile, I would do a browser agent check and change the fill mode based on whether you are on desktop or not.


Thanks @yaustar . :rose: