Remaking the Planet Earth project

So I’m new to PlayCanvas and computer graphics in general. I’ve decided to remake Will’s tutorial project Planet Earth:
I managed to recreate the whole thing, but the shade for night view doesn’t work. Tried everything and can’t figure it out. If someone could take a look it would be very appreciated :slight_smile:

Link for my project:

I’m inclined to believe this is a bug with PlayCanvas. So if I understand your problem correctly, in Will’s version the backside is dark, whereas in your version it’s very bright.

I forked your project, and initially it looked like this:

Then all I did was:

  • Remove the Skybox from scene > Rendering settings
  • Turn off the directional light
  • Edit the skybox to remove one of the sides
  • Put back the side
  • Put back the directional light
  • Put back the Skybox in the rendering settings

And it looked like this:

And publishing it, the backside does look like Will’s