Released: Pirron RoΔon 3D product configurator

Pirron RoΔon

Pirron RoΔon is a photorealistic product configurator designed and aimed for enterprise and retail use. It provides a 3D-first experience where everything, even the UI, lives and breathes side by side with the product. Custom development per product is executed, developing special effects and materials tailored to each brand.

It can be easily integrated as an iframe in existing websites and run literally everywhere (even older Android phones).

View a sample live:


Wow that is amazing!!! how did you do this? How long did it take you?

Very cool! I didn’t realise you were based in Edinburgh, I was over there a few weeks ago!

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Not that long, what took long is modelling and preparing all PBR maps. After that for most of the materials it was a breeze setting them up in PlayCanvas.

For the ring materials we had to override a couple of shader chunks to add baked lighting and highlights.

We are using several PIC tools for:

  • The 3D input text box for engraving.
  • Ermis post process effects.
  • Animated Camera Orbit to easily animated any camera position and look at point.

Oh nice!! Really good job @Leonidas great job