Released: Hercules Terrain Generator

Easily generate thousands of unique worlds populated by 3D models. Ready to step in and walk around!

An easy to use system that generates random terrain models based on seeds and constraints.


  • Random terrain generator using seeds and constraints.
  • Terrain generates automatically a physics rigid body, if requested.
  • Height-based smoothstep texturing shader, with easy to use options.
  • Objects distribution script per terrain zone.
  • Full batching support (static/dynamic).
  • LOD support for all spawned objects (single model and batched).
  • No coding is required to setup, easy to use drag and drop scripts.

Click here to see them in action!

Available here:

Live video:


Nice. Is there a trial version of this though? Seems rather expensive.

How does the underlying LOD Distance work? Looks like there’s 3 discrete levels. By LOD do you mean LOD of objects or LOD of the terrain itself?

It would be good if the demo had an option to turn off the post-processing effects (or adjust other stuffs) so lower end computers can run it property and benchmark the performance.

Hi @Glenn_Ko,

Good point, I’ve updated the description to specify that LOD (3 discrete levels as you say) is meant for spawned objects (batched groups supported as well), and not the terrain. The terrain is a single model right now (no tiling).

LOD works right now by searching inside the model asset for meshInstances that use a naming convetion: [node-name]_LOD2 etc. Soon we will expand it to support different model assets per LOD level.

Sadly a trial isn’t feasible given the way this product is delivered (Playcanvas project transferred to your account). But we are already working in a more expansive demo where the script properties will be exposed to turn on/off/edit together with some performance stats.

Right now the demo scene is about 200.000 polygons with 100 draw calls, all spawned objects are batched and the trees has LODs.

Batching uses the standard Playcanvas batching interface so you can easily edit number of draw calls / batching boxes.

Here is an updated demo with a full GUI exposing most of the properties available for editing. There is also a control to turn on/off post process effects and real time shadows.

Demo available here:

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New version released:


  • Added option to create islands using min/max values for border masking.

Live demo:

Get it here: