Released: Hera LOD Manager

Level Of Detail manager to automatically switch models and reduce the scene complexity.

Easily setup your models levels of detail, billboard support for the last LOD and live preview inside the PlayCanvas editor.


  • Three Levels of Detail supported.
  • You can use different models for each LOD or use the same model and control which mesh instance is rendered. Great for packing models together!
  • Control the distance breakpoint where each LOD is switched on/off.
  • Billboard support for the last LOD (automatically faces the camera).
  • Live preview inside the PlayCanvas editor.
  • Batch processing: copy/paste settings to any number of entities.

Sample scene:

Get it here:


New release: v1.0.1

  • Added Hide mode after LOD2 distance breakpoint option.
  • Performance optimizations.

We are working also on a new advanced feature for Hera LOD Manager: Cell partitions. This will allow the current distance based LOD system to work with batching for big/open worlds.

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