RELEASED: Blend! 3D Animation Blending For PlayCanvas 1.0.1


I’m really excited to announce the release of Blend! a free animation library for PlayCanvas. I know I’ve had problems with animations and I see a lot of questions on here too. I’ve got a project on the go that can’t wait for PlayCanvas animations 2.0 so I’ve built my take on blending trees and motion control.


###Get Blend!

Version 1.0.1 can be downloaded from here


Blend! includes the following headline features:

  • Animate your walking and running animations automatically - you move the character directly and Blend! works out the necessary animations to play from the list you provide it. Includes both walking/running/strafing and turning.
  • Foot placement control - a configurable system for ensuring a characters feet do not slide during animation.
  • Supports playing animations that are packed into a single file and normal split animations
  • Play multiple animations at once with layering and weights to get exactly the blend you prefer
  • Control the parts of the rig that the animations play on with simple “glob” filters or user defined functions
  • Loop / Play Once / Play & Hold modes for animations
  • Easy event system, Promises and “action point” definition to trigger actions at a critical moments in your animations
  • Procedural blends like Gun Hand targeting and Hit Reaction
  • Fully extensible - why not build your own blends?
  • All configuration through the PlayCanvas Editor (or your own code)
  • Super simple to install - just drop one file into your project!

##Demo Video##

##Information and documentation##


PlayCanvas demo here:

Version history


  • Warnings for out of range animation frames
  • Warnings for bones incorrectly mapped to feet

Fixed a bug in the demo scene that meant the particles weren’t playing properly



  • Warnings for out of range animation frames
  • Warnings for bones incorrectly mapped to feet

Link above updated


I was trying this out in my project but I could not figure out how to get animations to play? They get stuck on the first/last frame, im using a mixamo model and animations. I followed the getting started guide. Only thing I did different is that my animations are in separated files, the guide said that the firstFrame and lastFrame should be left at 0 in that case. Any help would be greatly appreiciated!

In my project I was currently just trying to get the idle animation to loop.

edit: it seems like I have to specify the amount of frames in the animations to get them running.

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Hi how does one drop file into
it seems Blends is some license and script
-Kafele Lucid Gaming

Thanks for this awesome library! I tried setting up a minimal project and ran into some issues. I can get an idle animation running and play another animation with a mask when pressing ‘P’. Unfortunately there is no blending happening. I spent quite some time to get this working, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Link to project

And as Marcus said, single animation files still need their starting and ending frames specified in order to run, leaving the values at 0 does not work.

edit: I got the animations to blend out correctly, no luck on the blend in so far…

edit2: All working perfectly now, be careful on the blendInSpeed, had to trim it down to 0.1.

I’m new to PlayCanvas, so apologies if this is me not knowing something basic.

When I go to the project page (, there are two buttons, “EDITOR” and “PLAY”.

When I press “PLAY” it loads and without me pressing any keys, the girl already has a nice idle animation.

When I press “EDITOR”, select the “Demo” scene and press “Launch” there is no idle animation, the girl is completely frozen when I don’t press any keys.

Am I doing something wrong?

How do I access Blend?