Released: Artemis Animation Timeline

Any news @Leonidas ?

Here is a screengrab, of the new version currently in development sponsored by a company. Let’s see if we can open source this in the future for the benefit of the PlayCanvas community:


Hi Leonidas!
Any news on this? Looks amazing.

  • Sophie :star_struck:

Hi @Sophie_Refshauge,

It’s quite close but I can’t share yet a release date, I apologize :innocent:

Many thanks for the interest!


@Leonidas did they say they would open source it?

Any update on this? Would love to use this in our project!


will launch in Nov. ?


Any updates?
Please let us know if there are any news.
I’m looking forward to work with the timeline!

Hey @Leonidas ,
any updates here? :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

We apologise for the lack of updates regarding our animation tool. We were researching where we would like to go with it, what kind of features and support we would like to devote ourselves on.

To that end, a revised version of the animation timeline is in the works as a beta module, in a soon to be released PlayCanvas extension.

We will follow up with more details, as a timeframe our plan is to have a release in about 4-5 months from now.

Many thanks to everyone for their interest!


Thanks for the update. Having this tool would be awesome andI’m super keen to see what’s been incorporated in it.


Hey @Leonidas , I made another feature request that you might find interesting! It’s similar to timelines, let me know your thoughts on it!

Are you going to integrate theatrejs with PlayCanvas as an editor plugin?

Any updates here?
It looks cool!!!
Is there a chance to use it?
I’m looking forward to work with the timeline!

Hi, is there anyway to access this tool or buy a license ?
Thank you


This script / addon looks amazing. It is really something playcanvas is lacking of.
Is the project still active ? I can’t find the link to try it ? Is it still possible to try it ?
And finally if I buy it will it work with the current playcanvas version ?