Reiterating post on General

I am completely new to designing games in general and everything associated to them except for some rudimentary coding. I have, as my first game, a player moving around and I’m working on getting them to shoot. What do I do?! Where do I go to make my own textures and music? What should I start with from here?

I’ve never made a game before, I need pointers. What should I do to make my first game good? Where do I go from shooting?

To make a good game you start from a good idea, chop it into small steps and try to develop it step by step. Character movement usually is the first thing, then environement and enemies. But you can choose your own schedule, it’s your game.

In order to make your “first good game”, you gotta make a lot of bad ones first. Start making games that have one objective, and one or two mechanics. Kick the ball into the net… Shoot the spaceships… Run around the map… Get free graphics from online that you can - start playing with Photoshop before too long. Get free models for now, then start to play with Blender or something similar. Learn Javascript on udemy or codeacademy, and start writing simple games.

Pick games you already know, and remake them as digital experiences.