Register Custom Render Type

Is there a way to add to the limited list of render types in the editor? Would be nice to have more primitive shapes supported. The existing one’s don’t have any attributes to control their properties. For example, rounded box, flat shapes, lathe, extruded shape, torus knot, tube/track to name a few.

Allowing custom shape types to be registered with the editor would be great and allow them to be customized at design time.

Is this something you have considered?

Without this support, is there an existing way to preview a shape/model at design time while adjusting its attributes?

We have considered it, and it would be nice to have, but never high enough priority to actually get it done. You can generate those in Blender and import as glb files. Or probably even import some existing library from sketchfab. Most people do not really need those primitives apart from testing really.

Providing a more advanced geometry creation APIs in the engine would be a good start. Something like a runtime version of Blender nodes would be helpful to developers