Regarding user Interactions in third person character controller

Hello everyone

Can i create some user interaction in PLAY CANVAS…

currently working on third person controller . and want to add some user Interactions like sitting , Interaction with game objects .

can anyone please suggest me some examples in third person character controller … If available any …

Hello @Tr_andreson ,

You might’ve seen these already, but there is the User Manual Third Person Controller, and
there is also this community-made third person controller, which seems to be fairly popular.

If you want to add interactions to your player, there is a myriad of ways to do so. I recommend you take a look at Raycasts, to essentially allow the player to ‘select’ the object the camera is pointing at.
You could also use trigger volumes instead, and listen for trigger events to allow the player to interact based on proximity.

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Thank you so much for your suggestion … ill work on them