Refraction like Sketchfab

Is there any chance Playcanvas will support this kind of refraction: Refraction Plant - 3D model by iggy-design (@iggy-design) [eb9bee5] - Sketchfab

I think so. Try it out.

The closest I’ve seen that someone has done is this:

In a nutshell, it’s possible to get the same but I don’t think it will be an out of the box feature. It requires someone to create the shader themselves.

I’ve been trying to do refraction as well.

So the real-time refractions are based on light changing.

Playcanvas has PBR, but essentially it doesn’t seem to be full, because, for example Unreal Engine has refraction value by default.

And even normal map affects on light.

Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly how it changes light flow, so can’t help a lot.

I just used post-effect with volume, but it’s quite dirty solution.

Playcanvas has refraction but it only refracts the background here’s an example:

Sketchfab has a refraction solution that refracts the background AND the object. Here’s an example: