ReferenceError: log is not defined

hi, I just added two images to my project and a second camera, to capture video from.
However, after launching I only get the error message below.
And this with any scene I had in this project. Its totally broken now.
Any help?

[launch.js:7449]: Uncaught ReferenceError: log is not defined

ReferenceError: log is not defined
at HTMLScriptElement.loadingScript.onerror (

Hi @Marjan,

It seems the link you posted is not valid. Though there is a known recent issue that is under investigation for the log is not defined error. You can follow the progress here:

yes I only copied the outcome of the error console.
luckily we have backups. but this should not happen.

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The log error is the launch tab console catching another error elsewhere in the project.

There is likely to be error in the project that it was trying to catch. Except the catcher code is bugged as shown in the ticket above.

If you can post a link to the build that we can access the next time you run into this error, we can show you what the original error in the project is.

(Add yaustar if you need to)

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‘‘log is not defined’’ this normally is that you put on a script thats wrong when you parse it. If you delete that script from the player etc then it will (hopefully) go away