Reef Pilot 3D plane flying game - SWOOOP inspired

I’ve reached a point in this project where I will be posting a demo version of this game to the public. I am to release this project close to March.

The plan is to make this game as fun and engaging as possible so suggestions about how to improve gameplay would be much appreciated at this point and I’m sure this forum will have some ideas.

To the PlayCanvas community, thank you for all your help in assisting me create this project! Hope you enjoy the demo.

here is the link:

here’s a short gameplay video


To make it a bit more fun, add some camera movements, and some more UI transitions.
Check some popular existing mobile games, and take inspiration from them.
Also, music could be a bit more playful, and positivity in sounds - is a must.

Polish - is another 90% of work, when 90% is already done :wink:

Good job!

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@moka that’s for the input!. Any suggestions on where to buy some nice game music?

Not sure where to buy, but try contacting this guy:
He made some music for some of games I worked on.